Med-O-Med lines of Action

Through these lines of action, projects can be carried out either individually or in relation to each other.

The Med-O-Med Programme is made up of the following areas for its projects or actions:

Med-O-Med countries have a valuable landscape and immaterial heritage associated with cultural expressions and living traditions of outstanding universal significance.

This line of work aims at promoting the cultural landscapes of the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with the collaboration of UNESCO and according to the parameters set out in the European Landscape Convention by UNESCO and IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature).

The concept of landscape is a transversal concept and a key management tool to support sustainable models of land management and to facilitate their preservation, reverting its economic impact to the local community. Likewise, it is a suitable tool to promote the meeting of cultures and to encourage coexistence and peace.

Among the progress achieved, we can highlight the registration of Mediterranean and Middle East cultural landscapes sites, and the elaboration of the Mediterranean and the Middle East Landscape Convention, currently in the process of being signed by the Med-O-Med member countries.

Cultural Landscapes Network Middle East and Mediterranean Landscape Convention


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Biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation are not possible without the active involvement of the population in its own sustainable development. The Med-O-Med network promotes long-term and viable participatory projects that revert to the socio-economic development of the local community.

In addition, the Med-O-Med network promotes raising awareness campaigns about these successful experiences, through a network of sustainable initiatives that facilitate the exchange of information and the launching of joint projects, the use of synergies and the complementarity of actions among Med-O-Med members.

Sustainable initiatives Network


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Training and raising awareness initiatives are essential for the achievement of a sustainable development, the fight against poverty and the conservation of the natural and cultural environment. Therefore, this is a crosscutting action line linked to all actions developed within the Med-O-Med network. Although most of the actions have a raising awareness and educational component addressed to the general population, it is possible to highlight, within this area, our actions aiming at institutional reinforcement, through the training of trainers specialized in sustainable development, or the training programs focusing on vulnerable groups such as women and young people.

Therefore, Med-O-Med education projects mainly include the elaboration of pedagogical programs in matters related to the conservation of biodiversity and landscape heritage, which improve the possibilities of job creation and the living conditions of the beneficiaries. Examples of these programs can be found in projects such as the Med-o-Med School of Gardening, in Morocco, and Lebanon’s environmental education project.


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Botanic gardens play an important role in the conservation of endangered plant species. One third of the plants in the world are threatened, almost the same proportion as those that are grown today in botanic gardens, which have thus become repositories for the planet’s plant diversity.

For this reason, Med-O-Med botanic gardens are key institutions for the preservation of biodiversity, environmental education, raising awareness and the mitigation of climate change effects.  These important goals are achieved through its work in different areas such as research and conservation, biodiversity projects, and networking actions transferring knowledge and know-how.

Botanical gardens Med-O-Med


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