7th WEEC works have been published

The proceedings of the 7th World Congress on Environmental Education (WEEC, Marrakech, 9-14 June 2013) in which the Islamic Culture Foundation took actively part through the Med-O-Med program in different working groups. The conference given by Inés Eléxpuru, Communication Manager at FUNCI, called Nature and Islam, is included in the Thematic Niche 6 “Ethics, ecopilosophy, human-nature relationship”.

The work articulated between plenary sessions and thematic groups has shown the progresses in environmental education. The proceedings have almost 3300 pages spread over 11 thematic groups. Interventions of representatives from major international institutions are also presented: PNUE, l’UNESCO, l’ISESCO and speeches by Vandana Shiva who participated to the final session of the conference.

You can learn more about then in the following link:

7th WEEC proceedings

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