The Cultural Landscape Association launches a new edition of “Taste Paradise”

The Cultural Landscape Association (CLA), member of the Med-O-Med network, is promoting a new on-site workshop, Taste Paradise II, that will take place between April 27th and May 4th. The activity is aimed at experts and professionals all around the globe, to visit and enjoy the cultural beauty of Persian Gardens. It is a good opportunity for all those that want to taste Iranian culture and history. In order to ensure its quality, these workshops are only available to a limited number of people (20 participants for each tour) at the time, so we encourage all applicants to register early not to lose the chance!

CLA has organized other very successful international tours and on-site workshops, such as the first edition of “Taste Paradise”, launched in May 2013, “Landscape Transformation” in May 2015, or the workshop “Taste Persian Cultural Landscape & Architecture” in November 2018.

The Cultural Landscape Association

The Cultural Landscape Association (CLA) is a non-profit organization specialized in the area of Cultural Landscape and the only institution in Iran that focuses on cultural landscapes interdisciplinary. The Association’s mission is to strengthen the role of cultural landscape in sustainable development in Iran and the Middle East region, by building the capacity of all those professionals and bodies involved with cultural landscape recognition, protection, conservation and management in the region, through training, research, the dissemination of information and network building.

The members of the association are academicians, experts, and ex. managers from different disciplines who work on research projects with the collaboration of internal and external institutions. In addition to research projects, CLA also holds conferences, meetings, and specialized tours.

You can find all information on the tour program and register at the tour’s website:

You can see a summary of the first workshop and tour in the following video:

In the case on any queries, you can contact CLA by email at: or

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