• NAME Real Jardín Botánico
  • ADDRESS Plaza de Murillo, 2. Madrid E-28014 España
  • PHONE +34 91 4203017.
  • OPENING HOURS from 10:00 to 19:00 (in summer until 20:00h)
  • OWNERSHIP Public
  • DIRECTOR Sr. Gonzalo Nieto
    • Arboretum.
    • Seed Bank Published.
    • Plant Catalogue.
    • Computer Plant Record System.
    • Shop.
    • Cafetería.
    • Laboratories.
  • COLLECTIONS Trees, Roses & Bonsais
  • RESEARCH PROGRAMMES  Vascular Plant Systematics: floras and monographs Plant Evolutionary Biology: patterns, processes and mechanisms Fungi and Bryophytes: Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Ecology, Conservation of aquatic macrophytes and Global Change
  • EDUCATION PROGRAMMES Programme: Come Botanic GardenOnline resources for children and adults where they could start to study vegetal world Science Week Science Fair Activities for groups (scholar workshops, sightsee) Activites for individuals (weekend sightsee, Sunday workshops for families, Post Graduate courses, specific courses)

The Real Jardín Botánico’s scientific mission is to discover the diversity of plants and fungi that exists, to understand how this diversity has arisen, and to promote its conservation. The main overall goal of the RJB’s research is to understand the diversity of plants and fungi that exists, how this diversity has come about, and how it can be conserved.

The approaches taken to achieving this goal are very diverse, however. They range from studies aimed at finding out what species live in a particular territory (flora) or make up a particular group of organisms (systematics), to attempting to reconstruct the evolutionary history of groups of plants and fungi with a view to: (1) proposing a more natural classification based on this history; (2) contributing to reconstructing the tree of life; (3) determining how particular species have been distributed in space and time since their formation; and (4) providing a framework within which to infer what evolutionary changes have taken place within lineages, the mechanisms which have generated or modulated these changes, and their genetic basis.

The Real Jardín Botánico’s herbarium is a key component of its scientific and research work. It is the largest herbarium in Spain and one of the most representative in Europe

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