Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan, new member of Med-O-Med

The Royal Botanic Garden of Jordan has joined Med-O-Med. This garden, in operation since 2005, is not yet open to the public, but it has become, with more than 180 hectares and its programs in one of the most important and active in the region.

Located near the capital, Amman, it will have among its facilities the recreation of 5 typical habitats of the country : Forests of oak, pine, of the genus Juniperus, freshwater habitats and the Jordan Valley. It also seeks to include most of the 2,500 native species of Jordan.

The Garden already has numerous research programs, conservation and education, among which we highlight the creation of a green corridor from north to south of the country, programs to promote beekeeping and edible mushroom cultivation, community based management of grazing  or the development of the national strategy for plant conservation.

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