First Symposium about the Moroccan ecological architecture

The city of Fez has been the place chosen to hold the first symposium on Moroccan ecological architecture, from 25 to the 28 April, a private iniciative under the Housing, Urban and Political planning Ministry sponsorship, as a result of an agreement among the actors involved focused on sustainable development.

The symposium represents the first meeting leading to a bioclimatic construction project in Azrou, a place located in the mountains. The project will be called ‘The House of Nature’ (La Maison de la Nature).

Architects, artisans and other national and international experts on bioclimatic architecture and renewable energies, have been exchanging ideas over those four days, on different topics such as green building, or the ‘architecture friend of nature’, which is energy optimizer and harmless for the environment. Furthermore, it means an important potential way to combine cultural identity and architectonic works, as well as a link between the know-how of traditional craft workers and the modern construction.

Finally, the symposium has been an opportunity to present the Med-O-Med program on cultural landscapes of the Mediterranean and Middle East, specially the Med-O-Med station project, based on sustainable architecture and natural heritage conservation.

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