Two new botanic gardens added to Med-O-Med

Two new botanical gardens have joined the Network of Botanic Gardens of the Mediterranean and Middle East Med-O-Med: the Botanic Garden of Cordoba (Spain) and Gökyiğit Nezahat in Istanbul (Turkey).

FUNCI maintained for over 20 years a close relationship with the Botanic Garden of Cordoba, remarkable for its work in al-Andalus flora research, under the direction of Esteban Hernández Bermejo, and for its Andalusian Vegetal Germplasm Bank and its various education facilities, including the Museum of Ethnobotany, showing the traditional uses of the plants and their usefulness to humanity, and the Museum of Paleobotany, unique in Europe, that presents a major exhibition of representative fossil flora of all geologic ages. The BG of Cordoba also excels for its in vitro production, studies and acclimatization of Iberian orchids.

Gökyiğit Nezahat Botanic Garden stands out for its collection of endemic and rare species of Turkey and the region of Istanbul, as well as halophile plants and plants with economic interest. In the area of research is currently working on propagation and cultivation of Turkish endemic plants, as well as taxonomy bulbs of iris. In the field of conservation, botanical garden of Istanbul is working with some species like the Thermopsis turcica; Centaurea iconiensis; Centaurea tchihatchewii; Astragalus beypazaricus and Astragalus yildirimlii; Pyrus serikensis and Rhodothamnus sessilifolius, among others. It also maintains a remarkable educational work through programs of development of horticulture, ethnobotany, herbal medicine and other issues.

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