The Bronx celebrates the Gardens of the Alhambra

May 21–August 21

Travel to southern Spain in just an afternoon. This unprecedented exhibition explores the collaboration of sublime nature and dramatic design that created an earthly paradise. Read the works of Federico García Lorca as you stroll the gardens surrounding the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, enjoy flamenco each weekend, and discover the food and culture of Spain.

About Spanish Paradise

A high point in the world’s art, architecture, gardens, and culture, the Alhambra is a 14th-century monument that presents landscape architecture as an art form, incorporating architecture, gardens, and gateways in one of the world’s commanding citadels and most spectacular settings. The exhibition features flowing fountains, elegant arches, and a broad palette of Old World plants anchored by date palms, pomegranate trees, Italian cypress, and more—all within the Victorian elegance of the Conservatory.

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