A day without cars in Marrakech

On the occasion of the “World Environment Day”, the 8th of June was held in Marrakech the “Car free day” aimed at raising awareness among population regarding the use of bicycles as a clean mode of transport respectful with environment. In Med-O-Med, we would like to spread this great new, since the city hosts one of our largest-scale projects: the rehabilitation of the Agdal Gardens.

This initiative is within the framework Project “Eco-mobilité en Marrakech” (Eco-mobility in Marrakech) and it was promoted by the “Marawid Association for the Environment and Energy” which has previously organized similar events.

The goal is to replicate great cycling cities of the world – as good as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, owing to Marrakech’s dry climate and flat landscape which makes it an ideal city for cyclists.

Therefore, the most touristic city of Morocco seeks a change through this call to appeal everyone who wants to contribute with his presence to a more ecologic city and a healthier surrounding. The bike in Marrakech is part of its culture since a long time ago, and it is considered as an identity symbol.


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