Video ‘l’Agdal par un temps d’hiver’

This winter is being particularly cold in Morocco, and the snow in the Atlas mountains is abundant. We make a profit to show you our video of the Agdal Gardens in Marrakech (Morocco), a rehabilitation project in which we are working at the moment. The Agdal of Marrakesh is an agricultural garden of Almohad origin, which covers more than 500 hectares and dates back from the XII century. It is surrounded by adobe walls and contains a complex irrigation system, huge water ponds, pavilions as well as architectural and archaeological elements belonging to different dynasties.

The preliminary studies carried out by our experts’ team are almost concluded. Therefore, the project has been presented to the Ministry of Culture, within the Strategic Heritage Plan 2020 framework as the greatest rehabilitation project for the coming year regarding the Moroccan heritage.

Video Agdal Gardens, Marrakech

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