Med-O-Med Garden at Al-Quds University, damaged by Israeli Army

FUNCI, through Med-O-Med programme and the Palestinian University of Al-Quds, has created an Andalusian-inspired garden at the campus of the University in Abu Dis, West Bank, during the period 2010-2011. FUNCI denounces through this release note, stressing our solidarity with our Med-O-Med member, the University of Al-Quds, the damage of the Andalusia Garden, provoqued by israeli army attacks during the violence situation increased from the beginning of October, that has caused many victims, three at Al-Quds University.

During the last weeks, Al-Quds University was attacked with methods as tear gas bombs, rubber bullets and shooting. As a result, three students were killed, employees and professors  injured, and the academic life has been completely disturbed, since the University administration was forced to evacuate the campus for Israeli army actions.

Tear gas bombs

The Andalusian Garden is in the back yard of the main camps where many tear gas bombs were dropped, and the main glass entrance has been completely broken and damaged. This Andalusian-inspired garden created within Med-O-Med international development cooperation Programme by the Islamic Culture Foundation, had the contribution of Spanish International Cooperation Office. This garden not only recreates the collections, philosophy, morphologic characteristics and traditional watering systems of al-Andalus, while focusing on preserving Mediterranean flora and, specifically, the Palestinian one, but also, it provides a green space for relaxation, research and environmental awareness, as well as a supporting tool for the practical classes and laboratories. In addition to the above, the botanic garden is used for education, botanical and horticultural research, and more importantly, to relief the stress of life made by Israeli occupation. Indeed, the gardens contributed to relax from tension as a place of ecotourism.

Al-Quds University is the Arab University of Jerusalem, with 12000 students and 1000 employees working actively to teach and research wide range of specialties, from medicine to biology.

The University is urging the International Community to stop Israeli aggression and protect the Palestinian Universities in order to carry out the academic programme living in peace and harmony.

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