“The Water of al-Ándalus”, in Frigiliana

The 3 Cultures Festival of Frigiliana concluded successfully with a large number of assistants, both coming from national and international countries. Concerts, streetmarkets, medieval flavor street bands, storytellers, conferences, screenings and workshops were part of the entertainment all around the town.

During the event, we had a new chance to present the book “El enigma del agua en al-Ándalus” (“The water enigma in Al-Andalus”), written by Cherif Abderrahman Jah as well as the short documentary “Las voces del agua” (The voices of water), containing testimonies of individuals based on this Spanish region.

Frigiliana is a town located in the Moorish region of Axarquía (Málaga), 6 km far away from the coast, which has totally kept the old and popular character as it can be appreciated through the white and radiant architecture originally Moorish, its cane of honey refinery (the only one still working in Europe) with a Renaissance style; the church from the same historic period, white as usual, show us an impressive Mudéjar artwork; and of course the evidence of love for the fountains, the lime,  the flower pots and the cobbled paving, all of them such typical elements from Andalusia.

The town is surrounded by dense mango and avocado crops disposed on terraces and flanked by the Almijara mountain range, where pure and clear water crosses the field through irrigation ditches remaining from Al-Andalus.

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