Citizen participation in the revitalization of traditional architecture in Morocco

« La ville. Patrimoine vivant » : forums consultatifs organisés par le projet Montada

Since 2009 the Montada project focuses on the formation of advisory forums called “The City. Living Heritage” in the six cities in Maghreb covered by the project: Dellys and Ghardaia, in Algeria, Salé and Marrakech, in Morocco, Kairouan and Sousse, in Tunisia. These forums, made by members and associations of civil society, including local and national policy makers, heritage professionals, teachers in urban planning and tourism management and those coming from the education sector, trainers for the profession in craft and restoration etc., meet regularly in order to stimulate the public debate, ensuring the relevance and sustainability of actions undertaken under the project for the revitalization of the traditional architecture of the six cities as well as the follow-up of the actions.

The meeting in Marrakesh, designed in a workshop format in order to enrich and develop the processes of analysis, reflection and collective decisions about the heritage and the architecture of the city, will bring together all local players to enable the sharing of realities and issues, set priority needs and bring out constructive proposals in the context of the opportunities offered by the Montada project.

“The goal is to foster a space for discussion and exchange, which allows all participants to express their ideas and opinions”

The specific objective of this meeting is to set the two main themes that will underpin the development of the action program to develop in Marrakech. The goal is to foster a space for discussion and exchange, which allows all participants to express their ideas and opinions”, says Montserrat Casado, project coordinator.

On the same occasion, the teaching tool developed under the project Montada will be presented to the teachers of the centres involved in the project in Marrakech and Salé. Forum members will then begin a reflection on the evaluation and validation of the content of the proposals of this educational tool and its practical application

Source: Euromed Heritage

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