The design of MED-O-MED Station by Manuel Ocaña

The video here bellow shows the prototype of Med-O-Med Station. The design was done by our collaborator, the Spanish architect Manuel Ocaña.

“Med-O-Med Stations” aim to be model locations for sustainable consumption and development that focus on the specific cultural context of the territory where work is being done. They are conceived to bring together cooperative actions in the field of biodiversity conservation with actions or processes designed to promote development and improve people’s quality of life.

Those are the objectives:

  1. To promote initiatives and proposals for adopting techniques and innovations relating to sustainable development and natural resource conservation based on local culture and needs.
  2. To give visibility to the knowledge, considerations and contributions of Islamic culture for managing both natural and human resources.
  3. To value, reinstate and disseminate local knowledge, people’s intangible heritage.
  4. To coordinate and ensure proper implementation of any programmes, projects and actions taking place within the Med-O-Med framework.
  5. To serve as a galvanising agent for the network in the countries involved.


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