Media coverage of “Gardens of Al-Andalus” in Kuwait

On April 8th 2015 opened the exhibition “Gardens of Al-Andalus“. Its opening has had a very positive reception, having reached high numbers of attendees.

The exhibition, carried out under the auspices of the Diwan Al Amiri (the Palace of the Emir) and in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID, in its Spanish acronym) and the Spanish Embassy in Kuwait, is the first exhibition of the newly opened Al Shaheed Park. In addition to this, the exhibition is part of the commemorative activities of the 50th Spanish Kuwait diplomatic relations anniversary.

Since the opening date and until the date of its closing, the exhibition will receive many visits, especially from school centers. The aim of this visits is to highlight the importance it has for students and children to know about their cultural roots, as well as about one of the most splendid moments in the history of the Arab and Muslim world. The exhibition contains many architectural mockups and olfactory devices that, along with the many plants and spices shown, manage to capture the students’ attention and to transfer them to the ancients Andalusian gardens.

In the words of Cherif Abderrahman Jah, President of the FUNCI and coordinator of the exhibition:

“In the exhibition ‘The Al-Andalus Garden’, Al-Andalus speaks of its own history and splendour through its gardens, these being open, multicultural spaces in which the scientific influences and the landscapes of East and West came together over the centuries.

‘The Al-Andalus Garden’ shows a civilisation that is respectful of nature and, according to the Koran, it is nature that provides the answer to the new environmental challenges to be faced by our future generations.”

For her part, the project engineer Haifa Al Muhanna, in charge of the realization of Al Shaheed Park, declared that:

“The exhibition captures the image of the Andalusian gardens that spread through Spain by the hand of ancient Muslims. […] It shows the importance of nature and the love this culture had for it, as well as the Quran’s inclination towards the protection of trees and plants.”

On the occasion of this exhibition, the FUNCI has received much praise for its activities and efforts as a bridge between Western culture and Arab and Muslim culture. The opening of the “Gardens of Al Andalus” has also being covered by many local newspapers. Here are the links to some of them:


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