Med-O-Med lines of Action

Through these lines of action, projects can be carried out either individually or in relation to each other.

The Med-O-Med Programme is made up of the following areas for its projects or actions:

Cultural and Landscape Heritage

Islamic countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East have an outstanding natural, artistic and intangible heritage, associated to events and living traditions, ideas, beliefs and artistic and literary works of exceptional, universal significance. This wealth is, however, frequently not recognized internationally and not protected properly. Med-O-Med pretends to contribute to its recovery and re-evaluation.

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Botanic gardens

Botanic gardens today have an important role in the conservation of rare species at risk of extinction. One third of the plants in the world are threaten, almost the same proportion as those that are grown today in botanic gardens, which have thus become repositories for the planet’s plant diversity. For this reason, MED-O-MED represents an efficient mechanism for North-South cooperation in the field of conservation of plant diversity.

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Sustainable Development

Conservation of biodiversity today is only possible through the active involvement of the rural population. MED-O-MED aims to help improve standards of living for the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Middle East by setting up projects for participation at grass-roots level, thus guaranteeing respect for nature and for local societies and their way of life.

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Education and raising awareness

Education and training are essential for sustainable development, for fighting poverty and conserving natural and cultural heritage. MED-O-MED proposes setting up pedagogic programs and training schemes regarding biodiversity and landscape heritage conservation that improve the living standards of their beneficiaries.

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