Conservation of biodiversity today is only possible through the active involvement of the rural population. MED-O-MED aims to help improve standards of living for the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Middle East by setting up projects for participation at grass-roots level, thus guaranteeing respect for nature and for local societies and their way of life.

  1. The “Drinkable Book” holds promise of safe water

    image of The “Drinkable Book” holds promise of safe water

    It is called The Drinkable Book. [...] Its pages are made from technologically advanced filter paper made of nanoparticles of

  2. POST 2015. Road Map for Med-O-Med area development

    image of POST 2015. Road Map for Med-O-Med area development

    2030 SDP agenda and Climate Change Summit, key issues for Med-O-Med area

    The year 2015 has been crucial concerning [...]

  3. The Fight Against Desertification

    image of The Fight Against Desertification

    This article originally appeared on EcoMENA’s website, which is one of the benchmarking websites in the Mediterranean and the [...]

  4. Current hydric situation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

    image of Current hydric situation in the Mediterranean and the Middle East

    For many years now, the Mediterranean has been facing problems leading to a situation of serious environmental degradation.
    An [...]

  5. About food sovereignty

    image of About food sovereignty

    This video explains the causes that emped the Food Sovereignty, as we defend it at Med-O-Med:
    Alimentos kilométricos [...]

  6. The definition of sustainable development

    image of The definition of sustainable development

    Med-O-Med, cultural landscapes of Mediterranean and Middle East, shares the concept of development, as UNDP (United Nations Programme for [...]

  7. Water in islamic culture

    image of Water in islamic culture

    For the Islamic world, water is the origin of life, and was created by God.
    Water holds many meanings [...]

  8. Food sovereignty in Med-O-Med

    image of Food sovereignty in Med-O-Med

    The area which Med-O-Med focuses on, namely the Middle East and the South Mediterranean countries, constitutes the world region [...]

  9. Energy

    image of Energy

    Med-O-Med is committed to renewable energies as the essential infrastructure for all its projects and to be recommended to [...]

  10. Forestry resources

    image of Forestry resources

    Forests are seen here as a global system comprising various interrelated and interdependent aspects – social, environmental, economic, cultural, [...]

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MED-O-MED aspires to making the development of Islamic countries in these regions compatible with the preservation of their environment and heritage. It aims to set up projects involving maximum participation by regional social and public agents, with total respect for genetic sovereignty and the cultural identity of the local populations, all within an inter-cultural and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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This section, which will continue to grow as more research and projects are carried out in the future, contains practical information about Med-O-Med’s lines of work and the countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East where the program develops its activities.


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