Conservation of biodiversity today is only possible through the active involvement of the rural population. MED-O-MED aims to help improve standards of living for the peoples of the Mediterranean and the Middle East by setting up projects for participation at grass-roots level, thus guaranteeing respect for nature and for local societies and their way of life.

  1. Traditional practices

    image of Traditional practices

    Over the years, traditional knowledge has sustained societies with responsible practices that ensured conservation and economic, social and environmental [...]

  2. Islamic banking in Med-O-Med

    image of Islamic banking in Med-O-Med

    Due to the unsustainability of the current financial system, Med-O-Med, inside of its line of sustainable development, aims to [...]

  3. The environmental situation of arab countries

    image of The environmental situation of arab countries

    Sorry, this page is only available in Español. [...]

  4. Conceptual framework of Med-O-Med Stations

    image of Conceptual framework of Med-O-Med Stations

    Work at the Med-O-Med stations is based on the principles of paradigms including agroecology, agroforestry, ethnoecology, local knowledge as [...]

  5. Introduction to Med-O-Med Stations

    image of Introduction to Med-O-Med Stations

    “Med-O-Med Stations” aim to be model locations for sustainable consumption and development that focus on the specific cultural context [...]

  6. Med-O-Med Station Objectives

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    1. To promote initiatives and proposals for adopting techniques and innovations relating to sustainable development and natural resource conservation [...]

  7. Med-O-Med stations lines of work

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    All work to be carried out on Med-O-Med stations will fall within two areas – educational and technical.
    The [...]


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MED-O-MED aspires to making the development of Islamic countries in these regions compatible with the preservation of their environment and heritage. It aims to set up projects involving maximum participation by regional social and public agents, with total respect for genetic sovereignty and the cultural identity of the local populations, all within an inter-cultural and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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This section, which will continue to grow as more research and projects are carried out in the future, contains practical information about Med-O-Med’s lines of work and the countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East where the program develops its activities.


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