The Islamic Culture Foundation together with the Spanish Embassy in Algeria signed an agreement to carry out this project, consisting of the creation of the Garden of the Kingdom of Spain, as a part of the environmental initiative involving the Dunia Park, located in Algiers. This project is supported by the Algerian Ministry Environment and Landing Management and is included within the Med-O-Med framework. With the proposed design, we have tried to present ta contemporary reinterpretation of an Andalusian Garden, from the conceptual and phylosophical point of view.

One of the main objectives of this proposal is to strength cooperation bonds between both countries, regarding cultural and institutional issues. Moreover, the project is aimed to improve the economic and social development of the affected population from the country, according to the working lines of the Spanish Cooperation Strategy.

Other remarkable goals are:
To raise awareness among the local population in topics related with biodiversity conservation and cultural heritage, sustainable development and food sovereignty.

To catalyze productive initiatives aimed to the development of renewable energies investigation, water resources management and forestry and agricultural production.

Different multifunctional spaces will be created:

A Med-O-Med station which includes multifunctional areas dedicated to vulnerable and endangered flora conservation, educational programmes for schools and visitors, and energy saving installations.

A reproduction of an olive and cork-oak forest, Mediterranean crops which will be focused on recovering traditional agricultural practices aimed to enhance Algerian economic development.

Traditional and non-traditional environmentally friendly methods concerning sustainability and food security will be applied in species with a high economic value, such as wheat, leguminous plants and medicinal plants.


The project started the 15th December of 2011 and is due to be completed by the 15th June 2013.

The design has been carried out by Teresa Gali (Architecture and Agronomy Studio), a recognized Spanish landscape designer in collaboration with the architect Manuel Ocaña. The Algerian Ministry will be supporting us with manpower to support the infrastructure and the land grants. The first project phase is at the moment being managed with the participation of the Environmental Department of the Government of Andalusia, which has donated us the adults trees needed for this first phase of the project. Those plants are natives to the Mediterranean Region and will be planted in the park in the following weeks.

In the future various garden areas will be implemented, based in the Islamic Culture and its proximity with Spain with scientific, pedagogical and recreational functions.

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