Craft Workshop in M’hamid oasis, South Morocco

The Spanish organisation Terrachidía  has organized a craft workshop from October 5th to 16th in M’Hamid Oasis, South Morocco. The craft workshop allows an approach to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the oasis through the craftswomen.

The main topic of the workshop is the palm tree and its influence on the life of the oasis. At the same time, participants will learn from the craftswomen the techniques of coiled basketry, carpet weaving, and local gastronomy. In addition, objects from the tangible heritage and the local know how from the intangible heritage will be analysed and registered in an inventory. The participants will have the satisfaction of contributing to the regional development.

Terradichía is an organisation focussed on heritage conservation and development through educational and raising awareness activities combined with responsible tourism actions. Therefore, the craft workshop organised in M’Hamid oasis is not only an educational activity, but also a cultural tool for promoting heritage, development and social cohesion within the framework of sustainable development.

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