I Med-O-Med seminar – Inauguration from Cherif Abderrahman Jah

Granada, October 7th of 2009

“Bismillahi Arrahmani Irrahim.

Today we met in this beautifull enclave from the past, searching solutions for the actual problems. The world has lost its natural equilibrium and it is threaten ints biological diversity. It is needed to restore it and some times, solutions show up from History.

The word “seminar” is coming from latin seminarius, that means “seed bank, or reliative to seeds”. During these days, we will try to sow our knowledge and prove it fruitful.

Muslims in al-Andalus make flourish all the branches of science, selfless and generously. They give their discovers to the human race, independently of their conditions  or believes. They search for the answers of the social needs in order to improve the human condition.

History demonstrates that world culture has an enormous debt to the islamic civilization in general, and in al-Andalus in particular. Agronomist, botanist and doctors from al-Andalus brought a scientific heritage in Europe, that is silenced, but place the foundation stone for Renaissance.

It will be neccesary thousands of books and seminars to discover all that knowledge that has been in the dark for centuries. However, today the sun has enlightened it for the benefit of all human kind.

It is convenient to read betwwen the pages of history, to extract lessons and learn, because the knowledge is the key of development. Knowledge produces free and responsible human beings. Knowledge contributes to the personal development and benefits the social equilibrium. Knowledge eases the spirit and develop the intelligence.

That is why, we invite you toi share your knowledge during these days, in the selfless way that andalusies did it.

We hope that the seed that we will sow, will germinate, and that we could irrigate it in the future, to recover the lost equilibrium. Because as the scientist Leonid Sedov said: “Everything is on the measure, the measure should be the supreme rule of life, and the secret to hapyness”

Thanks to all of you for your participation.

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I Med-O-Med seminar: Participants

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