Our exhibition travelled through the South of Lebanon

Our exhibition travelled through the South of LebanonOur project ‘Green Doueir’, centred on the improvement of the waste management and the environmental awareness of Doueir, a town in southern Lebanon, will be concluded at the end of this year. In recent months we have worked together with the Municipality of Doueir – our local partner –, to prepare an exhibition that, through its historical and cultural content, intends to strengthen the workshops and activities which have been taking place since the project began more than a year and a half ago.

The exhibition entitled ‘Preservation of the Environment and Water resources in the Islamic Culture’ is a synthesis of our exhibitions ‘Al-Andalus: a water culture” and “Gardens of al-Andalus”. It evokes al-Andalus as a period of history in which many good principles were implemented that advocate today for the sustainability of our planet and the vital balance between man and nature.

Our exhibition travelled through the South of LebanonThe exhibition opened on Friday 6th September at the Rammal Rammal Amphitheater in Doueir. It whas a great success with more than 250 persons attending the event, among them students and neighbours of Doueir and surrounding towns, representatives of the  European Union – main funder of the project – , the Municipality and other local institutions. In addition to the exhibition, the awards of the drawing competition on spaces, management of solid waste, and saving natural resources, were handed over. The cleric Mr Kazem Ibrahim gave a brief speech on preservation of the environment and water resources in the Islamic culture and Mr Hussein Hoteit, member of the Municipality, read out some words sent by our President, Cherif Abderrahman Jah.

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