Oases, fields in the desert

For many centuries, oases have been an essential source of livelihood and food for the desert residents. They are ecosystems combining the elements needed for life and development. Moreover, they are a benchmark in resources optimization, evidence showing how human beings have succeeded in obtaining water of a place that would have seemed impossible owing the extreme climatic conditions.

As a result of the capacity to observe together with the need to survive, humans have applied a rational use of the water and agricultural practices environmentally friendly on those areas. Those practices have been transmitted through generations as an example of the relationship between man and nature and a collective management of the land.

The documentary is a recording by the French television. However, a part of it has been shot in Morocco, concretely in Draa and Dades Valley, close to Ourzazate, “the door of the desert”. Through this production, you can learn all that you always wanted to know about oases. Our friend and Med-O-Med member Lahcen Kabiri takes part in it. He is a teacher in the Moulay Ismail  University and the President of AOFEP (Oases Association Ferkla for the environment and heritage).

Thus, we would like to encourage watching it and enjoying it. You can click in the following link:

Oases, fields in the desert

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