Ambientalia 2010

On March the 12th, FUNCI, under its Med-O-Med umbrella program, took part in the first   AMBIENTALIA STATE CONGRESS, organized by the State Coordinator for Environmental Sciences, which took place on the 11th, 12th and the 13th of March 2010 in Rivas Vacia, Madrid.
In this context, Med-O-Med technical consultants led a workshop titled “Med-O-Med: Islam, environment, and development”. The aims of this workshop were to introduce the Med-O-Med Programme to the audience and to increase awareness about the environmental issues that affect the Muslim world, as well as explaining more in depth the relationship between Islam and the Environment as a tool for aiding understanding and collaboration between both shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
During two hours, and through different interactive presentations, a number of issues were raised; at the end of the workshop, most participants found these relevant and thought-provoking. An enriching experience for both audience and speakers, this experience helps the dissemination of the humanist programs and values supported by the Foundation.

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