Islam and Nature. Natural balance is based on Divine balance


Balance in nature and environment was mentioned in the Qur’an and should be maintained: Allah “God” says in the Qur’an: “And the earth We have spread out (Like a carpet); set thereon Mountains firm and immovable; And produced therein all kinds of things in due balance. And We have provided therein Means of subsistence – for you And for those for whose sustenance Ye are not responsible.” (Ayat, sentences: 19-20, Sura Hijr, which means “The Rocky Tract”) Balance means that order, beauty and harmony are put by Lord Majesty “Allah”. The land is described in poetical language that it is spread out like carpet for creatures to live and enjoy. This statement gives scientific information on environment. The divine balance in nature (the natural balance) offers conservation of biodiversity through time without facing dangers of extinction. Rational use by human kind is the way to keep and conserve for generations, this can be developed as sustainable use of natural resources. Each natural cycle is linked and balanced in harmony with other cycles and interacts with living organisms in complementary way. More information is mentioned in the Qur’an declaring ecological divine balance.

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* Dr. Khaled Sawalha is Associate Professor of Life Sciences at the Faculty of Sciences & Technology of the al-Quds University in Palestine. He is member and collaborator of Med-O-Med and was the driving force behind the Andalusia Botanic Garden on his university campus in Abu Dis.

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