Desert progression in the oasis of southern Morocco

Our friend and collaborator Lahcen Kabiri, Environmental Geosciences Teacher at the Moulay Ismail University (Errachidia, Morocco) and President of the Oasis Ferkla for the Environment and Heritage,  has denounced the alarming situation that this area  is suffering owing the water level decrease and the dessert progression again the Oasis. Some of the facts causing this situation have been an inadequate water management as farmers have been drilling individual wells which have caused the depletion of the water. In order to prevent an ecological disaster and to tackle the problem, a cooperative has been created to manage the water collectively. This case has been addressed during the Rio +10 Summit about sustainable development celebrated in June in Rio de Janeiro.

You can see a video about the problem in the Oasis of Errachidia in the link below:

Desertification video

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