Environmental tours

Botanic gardens as well as urban green spaces and cultural landscapes have a powerful touristic appeal for educated and sensitive travelers. In this section we propose different routes in countries and regions within Med-O-Med’s geographical scope so that this rich heritage can be better enjoyed, discovered and cherished, whilst also contributing to the economic, social and environmental development of these places

  1. Spain – Alhambra, cultural landscape

    image of Spain – Alhambra, cultural landscape

    The monumental site of the Alhambra and Generalife in Granada (Spain) offers some of the most beautiful of the [...]

  2. Morocco – Rabat dresses green

    image of Morocco – Rabat dresses green

    Rabat is proud of being a green city, a claim backed up by its twenty square metres of garden [...]

  3. Syria – Aleppo gardens

    image of Syria – Aleppo gardens

    Aleppo [...] is the world’s oldest inhabited city or, at least, this is the claim made by its current

  4. Tunisia – “Light fingers” from the oasis

    image of Tunisia – “Light fingers” from the oasis

    Sorry, this page is only available in Español. [...]

  5. Spain – On parakeets and other animals in Alicante

    image of Spain – On parakeets and other animals in Alicante

    On occasion of the creation of a botanic garden at the premises of the Biological Station of Torretes, we [...]

  6. 12 Med-O-Med destinations of Eco-Tourism

    image of 12 Med-O-Med destinations  of Eco-Tourism

    As a result of the evaluation of experts in a  meeting held in Malaga at the Centre for Mediterranean [...]

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MED-O-MED aspires to making the development of Islamic countries in these regions compatible with the preservation of their environment and heritage. It aims to set up projects involving maximum participation by regional social and public agents, with total respect for genetic sovereignty and the cultural identity of the local populations, all within an inter-cultural and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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This section, which will continue to grow as more research and projects are carried out in the future, contains practical information about Med-O-Med’s lines of work and the countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East where the program develops its activities.


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