Argan oil. Properties and use

Argan oil. Properties and use The argan tree is an endemic species from Morocco, whose fruits are oleaginous and thoroughly used in culinary and cosmetics. These are some of their uses:

Face: It moisturizes, softens the skin, protects against dryness, reduces the formation of cracks caused by cold and atmospheric agents, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Morocco Argan Oil helps with the disappearance of traces left by acne; it also restores elasticity to tired skin.

Hair: It nourishes the scalp, gives brilliance to brittle hair and restores suppleness to dry hair.

Nails: Argan nourishes and strengthens soft and fragile nails. For beautiful nails add a little lemon juice in your argan oil.

Body: Combined with other elements (rich in collagen and elastin), this oil is used to fight against cellulite and stretch marks; it can strengthen the tissues and soften the skin.

Massages: The Cosmetic Argan oil is used as massage. This oil can be combined with other essential oils. Massage performed after a sauna session moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

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