Wind dynamics study in Southern East of Morocco

This article is part of the book called: “The region of Ziz (Southeast Morocco. Features and dimensions of the degradation”, recently published by institutions such as AECID (Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development), CSIC (High Council for Scientific Research) and the University of Moulay Ismaïl (UNI) in Meknès. The article has been written by our friend and collaborator Lahcen Kabiri (you can learn more about him in this web through the blog “Oasis Culture”.

The main conclusions regarding the topic are summarized below.
The sand accumulation phenomenon is a consequence of the extreme climatic conditions and the human actions. It is considered as the last step of physical and biological degradation of the environment. Concretely in the region of ZIZ, this phenomenon is affecting to great extensions.

This is related to the climate aridity, the drought cycles, the scarcity and vulnerability of soils to erosion processes and to the poor living conditions in rural areas.
Complet texts : L’étude de la dynamique éolienne dans cette région du Maroc
In: EL suelo en la región de ZiZ (Suroeste marroquí). Características y aspectos de la degradación. — Madrid :  AECID, 2013. — 105 p. — ISBN 978-9954-32-533-9

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