The Palm Grove of Elche, a culture of oasis

The palm tree is a constant in the landscape of Southeastern Spain, coming from the Andalusian period when the palm trees were bordering the canals and delimiting plots resulting in a microclimate which allows the development of the irrigated agriculture characteristic of the Oasis. The palm groves of Southeastern Spain are a landscape formation which covers the regions of Alicante, Murcia and Almería. Thos palm groves present a value surpassing the basic landscape conditions. They are located in the old commercial route of Shark-al Andalus, they are the witnesses of the agricultural revolution known as “Green revolution” developed in Al-Andalus.

Elche is the third biggest city in the Region of Valencia, having a soft climate and beautiful surroundings.

Agricultural techniques

Elche was the place chosen by the Arabs to develop the agricultural and irrigation techniques, learned of others peoples of Middle-East, so they were able to transform a deserted place into a prosperous oasis full of life: The Palm Grove of Elche, a World Heritage Oasis.

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