A Wadi runs through it

Down by the lake, Hussein Al-Doseri is beaming. “Before all this, there were no services here—no trails, no routes. Now it’s easy.” An athletic 30-something in a white T-shirt and wraparound sunglasses, Al-Doseri stretches his arms wide toward the landscape of trees and open water that forms Wadi Hanifah, shimmering amid a dusty industrial suburb in south Riyadh. Treated for years as a dump and a sewer, the wadi has been the focus of a 10-year-long restoration project. In November 2010, it became one of the few environmental engineering projects to win an Aga Khan Award for Architecture, and it has won over plenty of fans in the Saudi capital.

Complete text: A Wadi runs through it

Saudi Aramco World.– January/February 2012 (print and digital edition) .

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