The case of the murabitun / amrabd, ancient sacred natural sites in al Hoceima National Park, Morocco

Established in 2004 after a disastrous earthquake, the National Park of al Hoceima, a IUCN category V (protected landscape), is the main protected area in the Rif region of north Morocco. Its total area is over 48,000 ha, of which 18,000 are marine areas. The Mediterranean cliffs are spectacular, reaching an altitude of 700 m. Altitudinal variations create quite diverse landscapes, therefore biodiversity is high, particularly in the coastal and marine parts of the park.

Complet text: The case of murabitun

In : Beyond Belief : Linking Faiths and Protected Areas to Support Biodiversity Conservation. “Arguments for Protected Areas. Multiple Benefits for Conservation and Use” ed. by Sue Stolton & Nigel Dudley. Earthscan, 2010. London, Washington DC. p.145-164.

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