• Name: Al Quds Botanic Garden
  • Address: Abed Elhamaid Shoman Street Beit Hanina - Jerusalem Palestine
  • Phone: +(972)-(2)-5838652, 5838654, 5838648, 5838650
  • Website: https://www.alquds.edu/en
  • Research Programs:
    1. Conservation of biodiversity: from traditional practices to biotechnological applications. Focus on endangered plants which belong to Flora Palestina.
    2. Botanic Gardens as active sites for: conservation of plants, education, research and ecotourism.
    3. Seed bank for: collection, identification, storage and checking seed viability. Native plant collection related to conservation of genetic resources.
    4. Molecular analysis of genetic diversity and establishing gene bank for development of local cultivars.
    5. Herbarium as ideal plant collection for classification and references for plant surveys.
    6. Natural heritage sites in Palestine: conservation of both archaeological monuments and biodiversity.
    7. Spiritual values to conserve nature and biodiversity: Focus on Islam and Christianity.
    8. Bioactive compounds from medicinal Palestinian plants.
    9. Bio-control of plant diseases in agriculture as safe technology to environment.
    10. Natural exhibitions and museums: to increase awareness of students and public.
    11. Activation of relation between culture and nature through dialogue within community or nations; media and exhibitions will be used.
    12. Ecotourism as viable positive approach towards nature.
    13. Conservation of natural resources: water and biodiversity.
    14. Invest in nature: using natural resources in sustainable approach.
    15. Science, boethics and religion: creation or evolution.
    16. Identification of biodiversity hot spots, declaring natural reserves and establishing eco centers to adopt conservation of nature.
    17. Regional cooperation in conservation of nature.
    18. Climate change: to meet the challenge at national, regional and global levels.
  • Country: Palestine

Al-Quds University is a Palestinian academic institution and is functioning according to regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education – the Palestinian Authority. The University main campus is located in Abu-Dis (West Bank), east of the old city of Jerusalem. The University consists: Faculty of Science & Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Allied Health, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Law and other faculties.

The primary object of establishing the Botanic Garden at Al-Quds University/ Abu-Dis is to preserve Flora of Palestine and other

related biodiversity members to suit Andalusia design. The proposed Andalusia Garden is planned to host live plants that grow in Mediterranean environment. Many plant species will be introduced in the Garden for conservation, enjoyment of botanical beauty and ecotourism.

In addition to the above, the botanic garden will be used for education, botanical and horticultural research.




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