Med-O-Med aspires to making the development of Islamic countries in these regions compatible with the preservation of their environment and heritage. It aims to set up projects involving maximum participation by regional social and public agents, with total respect for genetic sovereignty and the cultural identity of the local populations.

Med-O-Med is an inter-cultural network with a multi-disciplinary approach that aims to overcome ideological barriers by searching for solutions that are acceptable to all.

Med-O-Med platform is open to participation by international organisations, national and local administrative bodies and civil society through NGOs and academic institutions interested in working closely within a network, helping to organise activities and projects within the scope of Med-O-Med. It brings together countries in the South and East of the Mediterranean basin as well as those in the North, with the common goal of achieving fruitful scientific and cultural exchanges.

The Med-O-Med network is constituted in 2009 on the strong historical and cultural links that exist between Spain and Islamic countries, and the special concern amongst Spanish society for the problems of its Mediterranean neighbours.

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