• Name: Save Posidonia-Green Bubble World
  • Institution: Blue Bubble World. Non-profit organization (NPO)
  • Address: Comte Salvatierra 6 1° 1°B 08006 Barcelona, Spain
  • Contact: Rocio Moreno Miguel. Mail rocio@bluebubbleworld.org Tel: 0034622060310
  • Sustainable initiative kick-off: 2017
  • Goals: I) Raising awareness about Posidonia oceanica meadows. II) Creating a multicultural network of Posidonia protection ambassadors worldwide. III) Launching projects related to Posidonia preservation as a key natural active on Mediterranean communities.
  • Features: Save Posidonia Project is a pioneering project in the western Mediterranean Sea, launched by Consell Insular of Formentera (Balearic Islands) to promote sustainable tourism and to obtain funds for covering the conservation Oceanic Posidonia marine plant. Within this framework, Blue Bubble World institution was in charge of raising awareness concerning the vital importance of the 7,600 hectares of Posidonia surrounding the island of Formentera nowadays and especially for future generations. Green Bubble World initiative continues Save Posidonia raising awareness and educational actions about the importance of preserving Posidonia oceanica meadows to ensure sustainability on Mediterranean marine ecosystem. Posidonia meadows create O2, absorb CO2 and they are the main habitat for many endemic species. Besides, a key data is 1 hectare of Posidonia generates five times more oxygen than same size of Amazonian forest. A local action preserving a natural active creates a Global preservation effect.
  • Results: I) Raising awareness actions concerning the importance of saving Posidonia and its great value were carried out with very good results among the sustainable communities. These actions were very diverse and dynamic, as workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and forums.

    II) Educational actions. ONGs and different organizations involved in marine environment preservation, teachers and a learning community of more than 500 kids and teenagers received with enthusiasm the workshops, connecting with and understanding the oldest living being on earth" and "creating art with Posidonia to save Posidonia.

    III) Posidonia support micro-patronage platform. It has been created a proactive micro-patronage platform integrated by a diverse community sensitive to nature preservation, together with famous personalities and key institutions supporting the project

Projects and Actions:

Save Posidonia Project is a pioneering project in the western Mediterranean Sea, born of the desire of the Consell Insular of Formentera (Balearic Islands) to promote sustainable tourism obtain funds for the conservation Oceanic Posidonia marine plant

The objective is involve all, national and international people, companies or organizations in order to sensitize and take actions in the conservation of a basic species in the ecosystem of the Balearic Islands. Since the quality of Formentera waters is unique within the Mediterranean Sea, it should be protected for generations to come. Therefore, a micro-patronage platform was established to facilitate all individuals, companies or national and international organizations, to become involved and participate in the conservation of this World Heritage Habitat by UNESCO from 1999.

The most innovative scientific and environmental projects submitted for evaluation, linked to the conservation of the Posidonia could be financed with the funds raised by the Save Posidonia Project. The projects will be evaluated by a technical committee of high national and international scientific recognition.

Within Posidonia Project framework, Formentera celebrated the Festival Save Posidonia Festival  on  October 12, 13, 14 and 15, 2017. This festival consisted of  cultural, sports and environmental activities. Save Posidonia international Festival was particularly aimed at the general public and professionals supporting the project. Indeed, This Festival was proposed as a meeting place for new projects which propose, protect and promote sustainability and respect for the environment.

Future Projects:

I) O2 PosiLAB Dissemination awareness program on the island of Formentera. II) One Seagrass- Satellite cartography of the Oceanic Posidonia meadows throughout the Mediterranean.

Country: Spain