• Name: Gardening School Med-O-Med – Bouregreg
  • Institution: The Islamic Culture Foundation, within the Med-O-Med programme, with the collaboration of the AAVB (Agence pour l’Aménagement de la Vallée du Bouregreg
  • Address: The School of Gardening will be located in the Bouregreg River shore in the periurban area between Rabat and Salé, which hosts a significant number of populations migrated from rural areas
  • Goals: It is a project with a high social and environmental value, seeking for sustainability through employment creation and a source of revenue generating activities. The project will be located close to the landfill of Oujla, which has been rehabilitated by the AAVB and will have a bioclimatic building, a production garden centre, to sell plants and different cultural and touristic installations
  • Features: The Gardening School Med-O-Med – Bouregreg combines a professional training with a garden centre and a cooperative, linking economic rights of the youth and women in social exclusion risk, with the rights to a healthy and sustainable environment.

Country: Morocco