Completed projects

  1. The JEB of Rabat in springtime

    image of The JEB of Rabat in springtime

    The photographs below have been recently taken in the Andalusian Garden that FUNCI aimed to organize cultural and pedagogic [...]

  2. Our exhibition travelled through the South of Lebanon

    image of Our exhibition travelled through the South of Lebanon

    Our project ‘Green Doueir’, centred on the improvement of the waste management and the environmental awareness of Doueir, a [...]

  3. Half-year of the project “Green Doueir, Clever Doueir”

    image of Half-year of the project “Green Doueir, Clever Doueir”

    “Green Doueir, Clever Doueir” is a collaborative Project between the Municipality of Doueir in South Lebanon and Med-O-Med focused [...]

  4. Doueir project – Presentation

    image of Doueir project – Presentation

    Doueir Municipality in collaboration with the Med-O-Med program has been officially notified of the acceptance of its proposal for [...]

  5. Rabat Botanic Garden commemorates its 2nd Anniversary

    image of Rabat Botanic Garden commemorates its 2nd Anniversary

    On July 24th 2015, the Botanic Garden in Rabat will have its second year Doors Open Day commemorating the [...]

  6. Doueir Project – Process

    image of Doueir Project – Process

    Nowadays, the Doueir Municipality has a contract with a private company to collect the rubbish from selected points, in [...]

  7. Doueir Project-Photographs

    image of Doueir Project-Photographs

    Doueir municipality has a problem regarding the waste management system, so the amelioration of waste management of the city [...]

  8. Rabat project – Presentation

    image of Rabat project – Presentation

    In 2009 Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), within the Med-O-Med Program, in collaboration with the INRA (Institut National de la [...]

  9. Rabat project – Process

    image of Rabat project – Process

    It is a cross-shape garden with water reservoirs at the ends, basin fountains with springs, watering lines around the [...]

  10. Rabat project – Photographs and video

    image of Rabat project – Photographs and video

    Septembre 2011
    The rehabilitation of the  Jardin d´Essais in Rabat carries on. It is a 17 hectares garden, conceived [...]


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MED-O-MED aspires to making the development of Islamic countries in these regions compatible with the preservation of their environment and heritage. It aims to set up projects involving maximum participation by regional social and public agents, with total respect for genetic sovereignty and the cultural identity of the local populations, all within an inter-cultural and a multi-disciplinary approach.

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This section, which will continue to grow as more research and projects are carried out in the future, contains practical information about Med-O-Med’s lines of work and the countries in the Mediterranean and the Middle East where the program develops its activities.


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