Miracle Garden Dubaï

The world’s greatest natural flower garden is to be found in Dubai, UnitedArab Emirates, and is called ‘The Garden of Miracles’. It is composed of more than 45 million flowers, many cultivated for the first time in The Gulf. Each part of the garden was created with an objective: vertical, horizontal, and in other different ways of showcasing the beauty of the garden.

With a huge chromatic wealth, the botanic forms luminous compositions, and creates barely imaginable optical illusions. This garden demonstrates how plants have the capacity to sculpt a landscape of fantasy. Millions of flowers clothe cars, pyramids, stars and other constructions, forming oneiric spaces that seem to come out of fairy stories.

Founded in 2001 the Garden of the Miracles of Dubai was designed by Akar, a landscape company which puts the emphasis on the ecologic use of systems and materials that are in harmony with Nature. This enables the company to create landscape projects that are sustainable within different environments and ecosystems.

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